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The Rochester Corvette Club has been continuously active since it was founded in 1959. We are among the oldest Corvette Clubs in the United States. A social club with over 650 members, we offer something for everyone.

One of the oldest Corvette Clubs in the country, learn more about the Rochester Corvette Club.

President's Report - From the Driver's Seat (No seat cushion)

How many times have you heard this, “What a weird time”.

Seems like we’ve haven’t had a club meeting in years. The last time we met was in February. I and the board have been making our decisions based on the information presented by the health department and government officials. The club was scheduled to have our Spring Picnic at Deerfield Golf Club the end of April. With the events happening in the world I contacted Deerfield in early March to discuss our options for the Spring Picnic. At the time no one knew where things were gong and I don’t think at this time any of us know the exact course for the future. Deerfield was gracious to offer different options. As you know the RCC Board decided to cancel the Spring Picnic for 2020 and move it to April 25th, 2021. Trying to head off future issues with scheduling because of COVID-19 and not waiting until the last minute I contacted Shadow Lake Golf Club in early April to discuss options for the RCC Summer Picnic. The Summer Picnic was schedule for July 19th. So not to cancel this event at this time we discussed options for the RCC Summer Picnic. The RCC Summer Picnic has been reschedule for August 23rd. At this time, I’m hoping that we can still hold this event but only time and recommendations from the health department and government officials will tell.

I know that Sheila and I would like to say we’ve been driving our Vettes on a number of events with the club but that hasn’t happened. Like many of you we’ve had the Vettes out only a couple of times to just get away from the house even if only for a short drive. I know that some members put together cruises for Memorial Day while observing the new everyday term “Social Distancing”. There was also a parade of Corvettes to help a young man celebrate his 9th birthday.

Currently I’m planning on have a June 29th meeting. Usually we have the meeting at a restaurant, but plans have changed like many things around us. As of this writing the plan is to have the meeting outside at the church, WEATHER PERMITTING and bring a chair. Barton Hots will be there early for you to purchase food. Trying to do something close to what we’ve done in past years. Watch your email for the status of this meeting. What’s the future hold? My crystal ball is really really foggy and not giving up any answers. The only thing I can say is I hope all are staying healthy and safe until we get to meet again.  Sincerely,

Doug Rigerman
RCC President 2020

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