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President's Report - From the Driver's Seat

The last for 2019

First let me THANK the Board Members, the Chair Members, the Gala Committee volunteers and the Rochester Corvette Club Members at large for the support provided to me over the last year. Again THANK YOU.

As 2019 comes to a close let me recap briefly the noteworthy events that have occurred, the Spring Picnic, the Summer Picnic, the GALA Celebration and the RCC Xmas Party, all outstanding. The Club membership in 2019 grew to a count of 776 members, outstanding. The Willow donations that were brought to the RCC Xmas Party were delivered on Monday 12/16/2019 by Don and Karen Coast, their van was packed with donations and the Willow Staff was extremely appreciative of the items delivered. This has been a RCC Xmas tradition for many years, let’s continue the tradition.

Many awards were presented at the RCC Xmas Party for time and talent provided by various members this last year and for continued support of the RCC over the years, below is the list:

The Board: VP Doug Rigerman, Secretary Maryann Riccardi, Treasurer Jim Boshears and Co Treasurer Glenn Williams.

The Chairs: Bud Thayer, George Werner, Barry Alt, Sheila Rigerman, Karen Coast, Nadine Jopson, Dick Lagiewski, Dave Fournigault, Angelo Ciresi, John and Pat Och, Dave Kuchman, Mary Ann and Tim Glasow and Carmella Gallinat.

Special Recognition was given to: Don Andrews as RCC Ambassador at Large for the RCC over the years, promoting and supporting the Club and Bud Thayer for his content administration of the Social Calendar events over the years. Sharon and Gary Clum were recognized for their years of support in the background of the Rochester Corvette Club.

Kitty Van Bortel as the Club Sponsor and the Corvette Staff were recognized for their support of the RCC in 2019, Matt accepted the award on Kitty’s behalf as she and Roger could not attend this event. A Xmas Tree ornament with the RCC 60th Anniversary Logo was presented to the Xmas Party attendees by Kitty’s staff on her behalf, Thank You Kitty.

The 2019 Gene LeDoux Award was presented to Dave Norton for his background work and continued support of the RCC in 2019 and in the past years. Well deserved.

Recognition was given to Dave #1 Kuchman, Dave #2 Johnston and Dave #4 Christensen for their heading up the Wheels in Motion Car Show over the years. (They were not present at the event but will be given the awards at the next general meeting that they attend.)

The results of the Charity work that Maryann and Tim Glasow headed up and the RCC supported this past year made it possible to present the local Parkinson’s Disease Chapter with a check for $10,000 at the event, GREAT Job by Maryann and Tim and the RCC at large for supporting this Charity in 2019. The 2020 RCC Charity is Honor Flight, please continue the support of this charity into 2020. The Chair for this Charity in 2020 is Carmella Gallinat.

Your 2020 Rochester Corvette Club Officers are: President: Doug Rigerman Vice President: Fred Elliot Secretary: Sheila Rigerman Treasurer: Jim Boshears – Co Treasurer: Glenn Williams

I sincerely believe the RCC Membership will continue to provide the outstanding support to the 2020 Officers as you have in 2019.

A gentle reminder, this is a Volunteer Organization and those that serve as Officers, Chair Representatives, Club event organizers and help with various functions as Volunteers need our utmost Respect.

I want to THANK the RCC 2019 Board, Chairs, the Gala Committee, Club Volunteers, our Sponsor and the Membership for the support provided me during my 2019 Presidential Year of the Rochester Corvette Club. In looking forward I know that 2020 will be another great year and I anticipate that the support will continue.

May everyone have a GREAT 2020 and your Corvettes start without issue in the Spring.

Respectfully Submitted – Steve Popple – Outgoing 2019 President of the Rochester Corvette Club


Steve Popple
RCC President 2019

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